Certified ITIL V3 Expert.

How to pass the ITIL V3 MALC Exam ?

First if you have reached the ITIL MALC exam it means that you have at least 17 credits and that you have passed some ITIL Intermediate exams before. Hopefully these modules will include the most important ones: Service Strategy and Continual Service Improvement. In my opinion, these two processes are the pillars of the ITIL V3 Managing Across Lifecycle Exam.

If you are planning to attend the ITIL V3 MALC certification, and thus become an ITIL Expert, you will receive an envelope with the 5 pocket guides and a fascicule. I truly recommend you to read the 5 pocket books carefully, and especially the Service Strategy and the Continual Service Improvement ones. They contain all the information needed for you to pass the exam, from what I experienced, the course itself is helpful but not as the reading of all the 5 books.
I also recommend you, if you have the time and the will, to try and rewrite a summary of each pocket guide, this technique will help you memorize with your own words the essence of the 5 processes.

When you are in the middle of the 5 days training session, try the mock exams delivered by the training center and take your time to understand how the questions are formulated and what the APMG is looking for in your answers. Try to put behind you any non ITIL compliant experience, because it will lead you to the bad answer.

Another advice, when you are working on the mock exams, try to find the Distracter and then sort the remaining answers by order of correctness. This technique will help you understand the logic behind every question/answer and will increase your chances to succeed in the exam.

The mock exams that I had received come with a great answer sheet with detailed explanations. I recommend you to read very carefully the answers and the explanations. You have to understand why the right answer was chosen and why the distracter is the distracter.

If you want to get extra materiel for you preparation, you can go the website of the Australian guys of The art of Service The art of Service and buy their prep kit.

I had the chance to come across their book, they provide a great summary of the ITIL 5 pocket books, except for the CSI part, which I found a little light for what we can encounter in the real exam. In the end of the book, you will find some review questions that are challenging. I recommend you to try these questions before the mock exams, because even if they follow the same principles, they don’t follow the same logic and they don’t feel the same as the mock and the real exam.

Voila! If you follow this little guide, I’m sure you will succeed in your exam, and remember practice makes perfect. And please feel free to send me your feedbacks.